Nové Město nad Metují.
Czech holiday land.
Het nationale wapen van Tsjechië.

Welke gebieden heb je allemaal in Tsjechië.
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Eagle mountains.

Schitterend volledig verbouwd Jagershuis te huur. The Eagle Mountains, or Orlicke Hory, one of the smaller mountain ranges of the Czech Republic. The mountain consists of a nearly continuous 50-kilometer-long ridge that extends along the Polish border. The peaks have an average altitude of 1000 meters. In the highest peaks you will especially spruce forests against. These forests are interrupted by peatlands. Below the mountains you will find beech woods with copies of sometimes more than 200 years old. Many trees reach a height up to 35 meters here.

In the area are also many wooded pastures. Here grow more than 400 different plant species and a lot of mushrooms. The oak woods are oak which have as many as 300 to 400 years old. The Orlicke Hory lives much wildlife. Walk there mouflon sheep, deer, roe deer and hares around. The rare deer and wild boar can be found there. The differences in the height along the entire chain are small. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities are available for skiing and descents. In most major centers can -and classic alpine skiing. Destne is the biggest ski center. It is surrounded by ski slopes and trails for winter tours. The sports facilities are easily accessible via main road that leads directly to the large parking lot. The annual international Ski event for students will take place in Ricky, which is surrounded by forested mountains. Besides here also ski race cars are for tourists, cross-country trails, and a ski jump. Also, one has from here access to the main route of Orlicke Hory. On the east side of the mountain is Cenkovice, which also has varied ski areas. In Orlicke Hory regularly world championships skibob drive take place.

Schitterend volledig verbouwd Jagershuis te huur. The mountains themselves and their immediate surroundings are part of the Sudeten area where the German population before World War II dominated, so that the former names of settlements were German. The ridge of the Eagle Mountains runs along the Czech-Polish border and the top part is located on the north side where we find the highest peak Velká Deštná (1115 m). Towards the southeast roundish crests are then gradually lower to the flow of the river Divoká Orlice (Wild Eagle). The northern part of the Eagle Mountains is the first state line, then turns a bit to the interior and gives space to the very picturesque and relatively few tourist developed area between the mountains and the border called Záhoří (area behind the mountains). His finest elements - the lands of the river Divoká Orlice - play here the role of the state border. The valleys radiating from the southern ridge of the Eagle Mountains, are long, often romantic, wooded and often they bear traces of ancient crafts. On the banks of the streams, you meet the remnants of very old mill streams that powered spinning and weaving; in some places can be found even scrap lifted glassworks. From the north side there is good access to the Eagle Mountains in Nove Mesto nad Metují and the mountain center Olešnice v Orl.horách.

Opportunities for an active holiday. The Eagle Mountains is made for walking. Indeed, we might tourist areas should classify their suitability for certain activities, then would the Eagle Mountains and its foothills to drop a category that has wanderings, excursions, expeditions and similar brief, as keywords: all kinds of hiking. That, however, is not to say that you can do nothing else. Natural starting points on the road to the Eagle Mountains are the towns of Náchod, Nove Mesto nad Metují and Rokytnice v Orl.horách - there you can easily get on the train. You should also take the bus to go directly to the tourist hubs including Olešnice v Orl.horách, Deštné, Říčky or Rokytnice v Orlických hear ©

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