Nové Město nad Metují.
Czech holiday land.
Het nationale wapen van Tsjechië.

Welke gebieden heb je allemaal in Tsjechië.
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Sights in and around Nové Město nad Metují.

Schitterend volledig verbouwd Jagershuis te huur. The town of Nove Mesto nad Metují (near Nachod) falls under monuments care and is one of the most beautiful cities of the region. The castle with its impressive garden is also well worth a visit.

Destne: in the mountains, nearly 30 km from Nachod, lies the town Destne. It is a good starting point for hikes through the Eagle Mountains. Close example is the highest peak in this area: the Velká Deštná (1115 m). There is a nice marked hiking trail that runs through the whole mountain region. You walk on the ridge close to the Polish border at a constant altitude of 800 meters through dark pine forests, fresh mountain meadows and along streams. Pleasant places near the ridge are Rokytnice v Orlickych and Žamberk. Near this last town is the Pastviny reservoir that lends itself well to all kinds of water activities.

Behind Náchod, about 10 km from Cerveny Kostelec is a reservoir in the direction of Ceska Skalice where you can fish. Also, one can swim, surf and rent boats. For the little ones there is a wading pool, so they can enjoy themselves.

Dvur Kralove: about 25 km west of Cerveny Kostelec is Dvur Kralove. This place has the 1-largest zoo in Europe. The admission fees are very low. In summer you can make a Safari bus tour along free-roaming animals and birds on 27 ha of land.

Bila Tremesna (5 km west of Dvur Kralove). Here is a dam, the “oldest forest of the kingdom ", which was built in 1910 to hold the excess water from the Giant Mountains. The dam is magical and is built in the style of Anton Pieck. A walk around the lake is about 6 km long.

Schitterend volledig verbouwd Jagershuis te huur. At the station in Jaromer, you can admire a permanent exhibition of old locomotives and railcars. Josefov (by Jaroměř), this monumental city comprises a uniquely preserved fortress. For the construction of the walls, fortifications, bastions and underground passages 5800 million bricks were used. Led by a guide, with only the light of a wax candle, you get an idea of how it would have gone to far underground in about half an hour, if the city would be besieged.

Hradec Králové (translated: Royal Castle, also known by its German name Königgrätz) is the capital of East Bohemia. The city, with about 100,000 inhabitants in 2000, is one of the oldest cities in the region, but also has an important role in modern culture. Between the old town and the bus station, on the banks of the Elbe, there are busy shopping lanes. Hradec Kralove also has a subtropical swimming pool which is open every day.

Třebechovice: This place has a Nativity Museum (Třebechovické muzeum) Here you can find the most valuable and most admired nativity scene, both in the Czech Republic and abroad: the unique crib of Třebechovice - a mechanical wooden nativity that is 7m long, 3 m deep and 2 m high. In addition, one can also see other cribs borrowed from museum collections or by authors from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The historic monastery is one of the main attractions of Broumov and is definitely worth your visit. The large monastery complex was designed in the first half of the 18th century by the famous architect of the Baroque: Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer. The 17th-century church contains beautiful paintings and sculptures. In the library are kept ancient manuscripts and rare books. In the monastery there is a guided tour every hour, except at 12.00. Broumov itself is a charming town. There is a nice authentic square, which the middle class has a number of shops.

The Broumovske Steny lies east of the Giant Mountains, near the Polish border, about 15 kilometers northeast of Nachod. The area is known for its rock formations of sandstone. The most beautiful formations can be seen at Mount Supi Hnizdo in the north and the Božanovský Spicak located further south. To the west are more rocks in the town of Teplice nad Metuji sources and Adrspach. This "Rock City" are part of the mountain walls of Broumov. A visit to these wonders of nature you should definitely not miss. Children also find this a fantastic trip. Another Rock City is Ostas with rock labyrinths.

Schitterend volledig verbouwd Jagershuis te huur. Náchod lies on the border with Poland. A look across the border is very worthwhile. For example, go to Kudowa Zdroj, traditionally a spa. Not far from Kudowa Zdroj is Wambierzyce. A special feature there is the Calvary. Picturesque valleys and peaks, rocks, labyrinths, spas and small villages hidden between the forests, all that can be found in the Table Mountains. This trip can start anywhere, but the best in Radkow, a small town (2100 inhabitants) lying on the Czech border, at the foot of the highest mountain Strzeliniec (940 meters above sea level). Radkow can be found on a regional map, it is located 30 km from Klodzko and 15 km from the spa town of Polanica.

A daily (nice) market you will find if you cross the border towards Albert / Kaufland. Despite the fact that you're in Poland, you can still pay with Czech Crowns.

The Giant Mountains is about 50 km from Náchod and is also an excellent location in the summer to take long walks on mountain tops, with or without use of the existing chairlifts.


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