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Welcome at rent a house in the Czech Republic from €350.

Tsjechië goedkoop en voordelig vakantieland. A nice and affordable Hunting house. If you plan to book a trip or a holiday in the Czech Republic, and are you looking for an affordable holiday home in the area of Nove Mesto nad Metuji? Ideal for a large family or large group. A nice hunting lodge with all the comfort you need for a nice relaxing holiday. A great holiday for up to 20 people on the outskirts of the village Nove Mesto nad Metuij, near the Polish border. In 2008, the original Hunter House has been completely rebuilt and there are two apartments (max. 10 pp dwelling) realized on the ground floor each with private entrance, opening onto a central hall with a shared front door with front, rear and side very ample parking. The house is completely detached. Free Wi-Fi.

Nové Město nad Metují. Experience your best holidays in the Eagle Mountains! You will find mountains, nature and beautifully situated holiday homes. The Eagle Mountains lies on the border with Poland and is the most eastern situated mountains of Bohemia. The small mountain is called in Czech "Orlické Hory" and is approximately 20 km long and 10 km wide. The highest peak of the Eagle Mountains is Mount Deštná (1150 m) and is located on the Czech side.

Beautiful nature in the Eagle Mountains. The Eagle Mountains is famous for the high deciduous and pine forests, fresh meadows and sparkling streams. Perfect for a holiday in nature! From the villages of Dobruska and Nove Mesto nad Metuij there are plenty of well-marked hiking and mountain bike trails. The routes are never far from your home. The Eagle Mountains offers almost countless idyllic spots for your vacation.

Schittererd ligt het jagershuisje erbij in de zomer.Schittererd meer vlak bij het huisje om te vissen, en vol met vis.







Rivers and lakes in the Eagle Mountains.Numerous rivers cross the Eagle Mountains. The Czech name of the region is derived from the "Orlické" river. The large recreation lakes of the Eagle Mountains, "Rozkos" in the north and "Pastviny" in the south, are very popular. You can swim and perform water sports such as sailing, rowing and canoeing. The nice country climate allows a very pleasant stay in a holiday home in the Eagle Mountains as early as late May until at least the end of September.

Points of interest in the Eagle Mountains. Your home is a beautiful base to explore the sights in the Eagle Mountains. The Orlické river is lined with charming small towns and castles and Potstjn and Litice are the most important. Visit your holidays in the Eagle Mountains also Hradec Kralove. The historic town is the place where the Elbe and the Orlice come together. And also visit in your vacation the renaissance castle of Opocno. The Eagle Mountains is a special region full of mountains and nature for a fantastic holiday. The Eagle Mountains (Orlické Hory) is approximately 20 km long and 10 km. wide and is located at the far east of the Bohemian region. It is bordered to the north by Poland.

Wintersports in the Czech Republic. Discover the ski resort Eagle Mountains, this quaint ski area is ideal for family holidays thanks to the small ski resorts. Through the rolling character of the area there are good opportunities for cross-country skiing and skiing for both beginners and advanced. There are also wonderful walks.

Winter sports in the Eagle Mountains. For a varied holiday in the mountains, Deštné are the most important ski center, followed by Říčky and Čenkovice. In Deštné there are held regularly championships bobsled and the ski resort has good connections to footpaths and ski routes. In Říčky you will find, because of the good location, the best quality slopes and snow conditions. Here the annual 'Ski-Intercritium' (an international skiing competition for pupils) also takes place. Cenkovice offers wide slopes for beginners and intermediate skiers, a snowboard park, and fantastic cross country trails. From your chalet or cottage is easy access to the slopes and make the most beautiful descents.

Choose your route from the hunting house to the various ski resorts. Mentioned three areas also offer additional features such as snow canons, ski school, children's ski school, ski rental, exchange office, restaurants, sauna, indoor pool, cross-country skiing and night skiing. Are you looking for a small, quiet ski resort with one or two lifts, you will find that in Mladkov, Bartošovice, Orlické Záhorí or Zdobnice.

The Czech Republic is only 750 km from the Netherlands.

Tsjechië ligt helemaal niet zo ver van Nederland weg.Czech Republic seems far away but is actually very close to the Netherlands border. By Car The Czech Republic is easily reachable in a day. From Utrecht through Germany to eg Prague (center of the Czech Republic), the distance is only 850 km. Between Germany and the Czech Republic there is an open connection (Schengen country since 2007) without border checks and delays. In the Czech Republic you continue your journey through modern highways with good road signs. From the highway is your final destination (at most 70 km) accessible by well-maintained secondary roads.

The weather in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic has a typical European continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. The temperatures are about the same throughout the country, although they are much lower in the higher elevations. The winter months in the Czech Republic can be very cold with temperatures well below zero and very strong winds. Heavy snow is also quite normal. In the higher altitudes it will snow very often, in the lower areas occasionally. However, it can be extremely cold. Summers are very hot on the other hand, with average temperatures of 20 to 25 ° C, although they can easily reach 30 ° C and more. In the summer it rains more than in the winter. Also storms in the summers are quite common. The warmest month of the year is July, followed by Augustus and June. ©

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